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About Us

Silicon Valley is a leading IT solutions provider operating across geographic boundaries. We specialize in all kinds of IT based products and services which includes both systems and software development. Based in the UAE, we have been serving the industry for more than ten years. The majority of our clients include many major government departments of the UAE. We pride ourselves in delivering what the customer wants with passion and commitment. These values drive us to deliver complete end-to-end solutions to our clients wherever they may in the world. We are backed by a strong, qualified 50+ member team of professionals with a proven track record of delivering state-of-the-art IT solutions.
What separates Silicon Valley from its competitors is our promise to always of a custom-built, tailor-made solution with exceptional performance as, how, and when you want it to perform. We understand that clients that come to us seeking software and mobile application development do so with the intention of not only solving their most pressing problem, but also to form a partnership with a dependable and consistent team that can and will provide top grade solutions at the right time.

As one of the leading IT companies in the World, it is our duty to help you scale new heights and explore new horizons. When you award a project to Silicon Valley, be assured that new horizons for your business will become accessible and reachable. Unlike other software development companies, we help you etch your success story in whatever new territory you seek to venture into.

In our experience, we have observed that many businesses today fail to change and adapt to the way the contemporary world works. In other words, organizations either try to stay consistent with past trends and efficiencies instead of exploring the possibilities and incorporating emerging trends and technologies of the world. In order to bring change and solve our customer’s needs at the same time we at Silicon Valley created a platform with the sole aim of providing powerful, exciting and integrated solutions. Our goal being to help businesses attract, engage and gain prospective customers with the help of our advanced, matchless and personalized solutions. Our software applications, known for quality and reliability, have earned us a place among the best software development companies in the world. Our global footprint is strong as well through our broad product and service portfolio design tailored to meet the specific needs of our global clientele.
Our Mission
e believe in a world of endless potential. There is no person, organization, business that cannot achieve its goals if they are equipped with the correct tools.
Our Vission
Our vision is to be the epitome of service delivery in IT solutions catering to global requirements. We envision a future where customers become our partners.
Our Value
Our company has a long history of responsible business operations and therefore we strongly believe in true success in business is not easy.

What We Do

In order to achieve our mission and make our vision a reality, we employ technology as the key player in developing business for our customers. We are committed to adding value in every step to every single project we are a part of.
Technical Products
We develop applications utilizing software development best practices, innovations, and frameworks. We bring together internet-age aesthetics and glamour with greater operational efficiencies of modern application architectures. This includes Queue Management and Customer Feedback systems as well as Self-Service Kiosk Machines.
Business and Operation Services
We implement a range of industry-standard application packages for business / enterprise customers. Our deep knowledge in this domain and extensive experience in delivering the same has enabled us to deliver high performance solutions by leveraging our proven methodologies. This includes but not limited to developing custom software, websites and graphics as well as access control, attendance and CCTV surveillance systems.

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