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Queue Management Systems

In simple terms, a queue management system or a q system is used to control and manage queues. Queues of people form in various situations ranging from waiting to request a product or service delivery, making payment against said delivery or even waiting to get help on products or services already delivered.

Furthermore, we believe that knowing what to expect is half the battle. It not only makes us more efficient, but it also puts the mind at ease. Uncertainty in the situation is reduced and therefore, at the end of the day, we enable a better customer experience. If that isn’t enough, electronic queue management systems are known to reduce customer wait times by at least 50% while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction by almost 30%.

That is why Silicon Valley offers queue management solutions for a wide range of problems. Our q systems are available in standard formats for the most common service settings. For the more out-of-the-box requirements you may have, we also offer custom built q systems that will do a better job than any other queue management system supplier in UAE.

Why Use Silicon Valley’s Queue Management Systems?

Using our systems means no unnecessary queueing or waiting around in line, no repeat appointments or cancellations due to a lack of information or provision of the wrong documentation. It means a steady flow of visitors / customers that leave your business feeling satisfied and fulfilled. With our queue management solutions, everyone knows exactly what, when and, more importantly, how they’re supposed to perform their respective roles at all stages of a customer’s visit. i.e. before, during and after every visit. We are also the leading service providers of queue management system in Dubai.

Enterprise Virtual Queue Management Systems

Computerized queue management systems are quickly becoming an important part of running a business, even more so if your business is multi-region. Our queue management systems allow you to predict waiting times accurately, customize your settings and get access to predictive analysis, performance insight and much more.

Linear Queue Management Systems

With Linear Queuing Systems, customers do not have to wait in separate lines at separate counters because there is in fact only one line. The advantage is that the system is ticketless, and customers are treated on a first come first serve basis. The linear queue management system is best used in situations where transactions are short, and complexity of products and services rendered is minimal.

Mobile Queue Management System

In today’s economy where the entire world is at your fingertips at the touch of a button, why should waiting in line be any different? With our mobile queue management system, you can entirely remove the need for physical ticketing and crowded waiting areas at the same time.
Through our mobile queue management systems, customers can choose where they want to go and take a number before they even get there. Your customers will receive a digital ticket and an indication of how many are already waiting in line as well as directions to the branch they selected. The app will show an alert as soon as the customer’s number comes up and then all they have to do is walk up to the counter.

Silicon Valley Queue Management System Promise

We ensure and provide a seamless queue management system that enables your company operations to be conducted smoothly and efficiently without any customer complaints and trouble. We are well known for providing the highest standard of queue management systems in Dubai and a well renowned supplier in the UAE. Our customers have experienced improved customer satisfaction and operational productivity due to implementation of our q systems and consultancy on implementation of the best suitable queue management system for them.