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Provide services beyond the restrictions of physical branches and working hours with Silicon Valley’s Self-Service Kiosk systems.

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What are Self Service Kiosk Machines?

In today’s business environment, the customer wants to be served when and where they want it. Any company that can provide this ease of access will hold an edge over the competition. For this purpose, Silicon Valley offers comprehensive Self-Service Kiosk Machines that allow you to deliver an exceptional experience to the customer by making services available beyond the restrictions of physical branches and working hours.

In short, self service kiosk machines provide a service (or even goods and merchandise at time) as a sale to customers anytime anywhere. These are usually located in areas frequented by large numbers of people such as retail stores, malls, offices (both private and government), banks, and many other public locations. The secret for its success lies in the convenience that self-service kiosk machines bring to customers and reduced operation costs for the owner. In some cases, mainly fast food restaurants, research shows that by reducing serving time by as little as seven seconds, you can increase your market share by 1% to 3%. In other cases, where product or service names are long or difficult to pronounce, self-service kiosk machines have been shown to increase market share of said product by as much as 8.4%.

Why Use Silicon Valley’s Self-Service Kiosk Machines?

Through our state-of-the-art self-service kiosk machines, the customer can acquire information, procure services all by themselves without needing the same level of help as someone talking to customer support. This in turn will noticeably decrease the amount of time employees spend in long drawn out discussion while providing customers with convenience. Our self-service kiosks will not only cater to your customer’s needs but will also provide customers with a convenient trip that saves time, while eliminating queues, cutting cost, and increasing revenues.

Key Features

We at Silicon Valley offer a wide range of kiosk machines and the software that runs it. Our kiosk machines can cater to your needs no matter what they might be. The benefits you will feel include:

  • Convenience and cost-savings in operations, human resource and administration;
  • Well-defined points of integration;
  • Hardware and software engineered to work the way you want it to;
  • Flexible choice of operating systems (Linux by default);
  • Large variety of options to choose from including but not limited to:
    • Card readers;
    • Bar code readers;
    • QR code readers;
    • Camera at front;
    • Network printer
  • Support for multiple languages depending on where you want your kiosk to be situated;
  • Multiple smart options for placement and mounting. It can be the floor, a wall or an entirely standalone system, we can arrange it for you.
We Are Problem Solvers

So, when you look to us for a solution for any prospective project, remember, we are not here to simply sell you a kiosk machine. We want to help you overcome a challenge, exceed your goals, and succeed for years to come. Your success is our success and we emphasize that fact from the beginning of the process through the lifetime of your interactive kiosk machines. The journey to getting the tools you need, whether it is hardware, software, kiosk services related or not, begins with Silicon Valley.