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Webinars, social media, streaming videos, software as a Service, demanding applications, and more have fuelled a tremendous growth in IP traffic and have caused headaches for networking administrators everywhere. Silicon Valley’s network infrastructure solutions can help network administrators deliver quality, secured network connections to everyone, anywhere, and at any time.

We take your network and combine it with industry-leading solutions in order to give you the best possible competitive edge we can as needed for the connected global economy of tomorrow. Regardless of whether you want 24/7 immediate support or if you want 99% uptime, Silicon Valley’s team has the skill required to analyse your requirements, design a system that makes the best possible use of available resources and help you manage it as well.

Because a reliable network is mission-critical for your operation’s growth and profitability, we are committed to developing customized network management solutions for specific applications.

Wireless Networking

Given the rise in mobile devices available in todays connected world, staying connected even when unplugged has become a necessity. For both you as well as your employees, working in one stationary location is no longer possible. Whether you’re looking for an efficient, high-performance wireless LAN network or simply for a way to better manage how your network interacts with your systems, Silicon Valley can help.

Wired Data Networks

Despite the ever increasing need for wireless technology, there is no taking away the importance of a good ole wired network which can give you the strength needed for true high speed connectivity. So from actually establishing your wired connections or helping you increase control over your network through a software, we can help you design, improve, implement and monitor your current network.

Security of Connection and Data

As is always the case with technology, the more freedom of access you have, the more vulnerable you become to invasion. These days, it is difficult to find a day where the latest news story was not about a massive data leak or that someone is selling someone else data without they’re knowledge. Therefore, we not only help keep your network secure, but will also help you manage your network so that you know exactly what to do before, during and after a security breach.

Enterprise Infrastructure Automation Services

Automation of the entire workflow of your team will not only enhance the system, but also increase your team’s operational capabilities. From simple processes such as server administration, password security resets to the more time and effort intensive operations such as network installations and data centre configurations, everything will like a cakewalk for you from now. Thanks to our dedicated team of experts, areas of your organisation that are experiencing waste in terms of time and effort wasted will be addressed and rectified. We at Silicon Valley make sure that you have end-to-end visibility when it comes to your system infrastructure. This will enable you to spend a lot more time on innovation and building quality products for your customers.

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